Stephen King

The Shining (Cemetery Dance deluxe special edition)

IMG_6145Stephen King – The Shining (Cemetery Dance deluxe special edition)

Finally a release as classic as the story contained inside. Housed in a metallic embossed slipcase with full color dust jacket the book has the same metallic embossing on the front and spine and was limited to 3,000 copies which all sold out during preorders. It features yellow and black interior page print with new full color illustrations, new intro by King, restored prologue and epilogue, new afterword by King director Mick Garris, early draft manuscript differences, a deleted chapter and reproductions of a promo brochure and the original hardcover art. This is an amazing tome as only Cemetery Dance can publish and will stand as the ultimate compendium of official Shining material. This is the third in a series of all of King’s original Doubleday publications being given the full on treatment by CD. I also have the previous releases, Carrie and Salem’s Lot.


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