Cheap Trick

We’re All Alright!

Cheap Trick – We’re All Alright (deluxe version)

Not too many rock bands who have been together for closing in on 45 years can match their longevity with their quality, especially with their latter day output. But this could not be more true for Cheap Trick. Following closely behind last year’s Bang, Zoom, Crazy… Hello and their overdue induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, We’re All Alright! keeps the Cheap Trick party rolling on. 

Robin’s voice is still as mind-blowingly versatile as ever with Rick (guitars), Tom (bass) and Rick’s son Daxx (drums) giving him everything he needs to rock out, deliver a punk snarl or touch your heart with soft crooning. While the album lacks a standout hit like last year’s “When I Wake Up Tomorrow” the diversity provided by the power pop of “Nowhere”, grinding blues backing of “Lolita” and acoustic beauty of “Floating Down” more than make up for this absence. 

The deluxe CD contains 3 extra tracks that are well worth the couple of extra bucks. 

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