The Now Time Delegation

Watch For Today

img_6070The Now Time Delegation – Watch For Today

There are some cool coincidences surrounding this item. I ordered this 2001 release recently on a whim, picking it up cheaply in an Ebay lot.  When the package arrived I looked up some info on The Now Time Delegation only to find out that they were fronted by the Bellray’s lead singer and shared a bass player as well. When I put it on I started to feel like their garage rock take on Motown soul/James Brown funk sounded really familiar to me. I began looking back through some of my music notes (yes, music nerds and collectors like me keep notes) and sure enough, 10 or more years ago my buddy Craig L. had played this CD for me. It was during one of our music filled hang outs where we would each try to outdo the other by playing all the cool new bands we had discovered recently. I made a note back then to find it and buy it.

But the strangeness didn’t stop there. Checking out the album I saw one of the songs, Getting’ The Corners, was a cover of a track by local Houston legends The TSU Tornados, a sibling fronted Southern soul band from the late ’60s. And if that’s not odd enough, the album artwork of Watch For Today is an homage to artwork on The TSU Tornados’ only album. Check it out below and compare it with Watch For Today above. Sadly The Now Time Delegation, a product of the prolific indie music and art legend Tim Kerr, only ever recorded this one album, but sometimes music is just all kinds of magic!


Watch For Today from Amazon
Watch For Today from iTunes

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