Van Halen

Runnin’ With The Devil by Noel Monk

Van Halen – Runnin’ With The Devil by Noel Monk

Now this is more like it! Forget the psuedo new albums and the cash-in reunion tours, forget Van Hagar (and of course forget Van Cherone, poor guy), this is the real Van Halen and the only one I want to listen to (and read about) !!!

This book is as fun, crazy and unbelievable as the band’s music and as thrilling as their meteoric rise. All told by a guy who was right there alongside them the whole way, Noel Monk. Noel knows music, prior to his stint with VH he was involved with Woodstock, The Filmore and a number of great bands from the Grateful Dead to the Sex Pistols. Here he holds back nothing in recounting the group’s tireless hungry climb to the top and their brutal, explosive collapse while riding high. 

Noel does a great job of taking you inside Roth’s unchecked ego, Eddie and Alex’s drug addled tantrums and Michael Anthony’s pure obliviousness towards his own self-preservation. It’s fantastic to have such an honest insider’s viewpoint. It makes this book a great companion to the recent Van Halen Rising by Greg Renoff, which is itself a killer chronicle of the band that is excellently researched. Read ’em both. Even if you don’t like Van Halen, hell even if you don’t like music, you will still be amazingly entertained. 

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