The Beach Boys

1967 (Sunshine Tomorrow)

The Beach Boys – 1967 (Sunshine Tomorrow)

What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than with the most American of all bands, our national musical treasure, The Beach Boys. Yeah I know they’re not quite The Beatles or The Stones or even The Who, but in many ways that’s exactly the point. Their decidedly American take on rock and pop with its California themes is exactly why they’re perfect for today. 

1967 (Sunshine Tomorrow) pulls together all of the band’s unreleased material from that year. In truth bits and pieces of this album have surfaced on box sets and in other iterations but it’s great to have it all collected in one place. The gem of the release is the amazing stereo version of the Wild Honey album. These are the tracks where the boys got in touch with their inner rhythm and blues, stripped down the huge productions of the Smile record, dispensed with studio machinations and just performed from the heart as a band. 

Carl Wilson’s move to the forefront was instrumental in this change in approach and sound and while upon release the album was thought of as simple, give it one listen today and try not to be swept away by its charm. And that’s hardly all that’s on these CDs. We get many alternate versions and unreleased songs from the sessions, plus live versions of some album tracks. On top of that there are yet more unreleased bits from the Smile sessions, not to mention a number of live in the studio recordings from the abandoned Lei’d In Hawaii project and more. I’m starting to feel like an infomercial host – but wait, there’s more!

In all seriousness they couldn’t have jam packed this release with more great material. For the price it is an amazing steal. Let’s hope there’s more in the Beach Boys’ vault where this came from and we can look forward editions like this for the Sunflower and Love You albums.

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