Emo Philips

E=MO2/Live At The Hasty Pudding Theater, Emo and Treat Her Like A Lady

Emo Philips – E=MO2/Live At The Hasty Pudding Theater, Emo and Treat Her Like A Lady

Emo Philips is my kind of standup. There is really no one else like him. His comedy can be startlingly intellectual, surprisingly philosophical and ridiculously stupid. In fact it’s usually all three at once which is why I love it so.

I was originally exposed to Emo via a cassette of his Hasty Pudding Live show. It made me an instant fan. I saw Emo live many times during the late ’80s, became friendly with him and even hung out a bit. But then he disappeared, resurfacing in the late ’90s with a new look and persona during which time I saw him once. I caught him once again in the 2000s when he retooled himself again and then just recently a few days ago with Emo sporting yet another look. 

Despite all the changes in presentation and the gaps in time Emo’s humor and it’s deeper meanings always hit me the right way. Since I loved his recent show so much I realized I still only had his old releases on cassette and wanted to update the collection. I went online and ordered the few different CDs I could find. I received his original  release E=MO2, his live follow up at the Hasty Pudding and his 2000s release simply titled Emo, which has a great joke hidden across the pages of the insert booklet and tray card. 

But in true Emo style this shipment also contained some great laughs as I seemed to have also ordered, Treat Her Like A Lady, a CD single by Emo Philips. Only this Emo Philips happens to be an R&B singer from the U.K. Who knew???

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