Camera Cult

Heart Brakes

Camera Cult – Heart Brakes

Admittedly I am not that into vinyl. I grew up with it but it holds no nostalgic appeal for me. This release however was too nicely done not to pick it up and support a great young band in doing so. Heart Brakes b/w Don’t Hang Out is pressed in a numbered limited edition of 200 on beautiful clear vinyl with an oversized center label. The sleek artwork on the sleeve compliments the look of the record itself perfectly. 

So it’s pretty (cause it looks nice), and it’s cool (because it’s limited), and its hip (because its vinyl) but none of that matters much cause it’s the content that is going to blow you away. These two tracks are some of the most delicious sounding, sunshine-filled, slightly electronic, retro-pop that you’ve ever heard. And there’s a couple more available for download on iTunes and SoundCloud as well.

I will also tell you that surprisingly these tracks come off even better live. Still as smooth as the studio renditions the live environment gives the songs an extra spark. When these three young guys get behind the drums, keyboard and mic they come off sounding like a boy band possessed by New Order. Yeah it sounds strange but it totally works. You’ll hear shades of Paul Young and Naked Eyes but with more guitar and a modern flair. Grab their downloads and see them live if you get the chance. They’re truly impressive. 

*full disclosure – this item did not come in the mail. I picked it up in person at the merch booth when I saw Camera Cult live recently. 

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Camera Cult on SoundCloud
Camera Cult on iTunes
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