Mr. Kitty


img_6420Mr. Kitty – Insects

Ever since catching Mr. Kitty (Forrest Avery Carney LeMaire) as an opening act a few years ago I have been captivated by the sounds this young man creates. His ability to generate moody, dark tracks with a harsh edge is equal to his prowess at crafting catchy, dreamy danceable melodies. Even more amazingly, despite his often heavily processed vocals, his songs express an incredible depth of emotion that is often lacking in the genre.

So when I has a chance to acquire a copy of Insects, his ultra rare first vinyl release I jumped on it. Limited to 100 copies when pressed its has been sold out for 3 years now. Having it autographed and augmented with handwritten stickers noting (or perhaps warning) that it contains self-destructive synth pop made it even cooler. Not to mention it remains my favorite song of his, found here in two very different remixed versions.

*full disclosure – this item did not come in the mail. I picked it up in person at the merch booth when I saw Mr. Kitty live recently.


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