Alice Cooper

The Studio Albums 1969-1983

Alice Cooper – The Studio Albums 1969-1983

This is it. THE Alice Cooper box. All 15 Warner Brothers albums from the Alice Cooper Band and Alice solo. The sheer talent and outright bombast contained in this little box ought to make it weigh a few tons instead of just over a pound. Before Slipknot, before Marilyn Manson, before Rob Zombie, hell even before KISS, there was this guy and his influence on rock, hard rock and heavy metal music cannot be denied, not to mention his game-changing use of theatrics, showmanship, stage sets and costumery.

But Alice was not just facepaint and black leather. Yes the imagery is great, the incredible artwork and amazing album covers with their killer design concepts, gatefold sleeves and inserts, LP center labels replicated on the disc faces, its all here. Which is wonderful but amidst the packaging and excitement over the size of this 15 CD collection of remasters of every studio album Alice released on Warner Brothers let us not forget what it is all really about. The music on these discs changed rock and roll, influenced the ’70s and beyond and did it all by connecting with kids (and kids at heart) by getting under the skin of the establishment. Alice has always understood that rock is about rebellion and release.

Theres not room here to run down all 15 albums. That would take weeks worth of entries ┬ábut suffice to say that in this little box you get everything and then some. The hits, the riffs, the rasp, the production of Bob Ezin and Jack Douglas, the musicianship of Glen Buxton, Neil Smith, Bob Kulik and Dick Wagner. And of course the mastermind in the straightjacket himself, Alice. 15 records would be a lifetime of work for most. Fortunately for us the was just Alice’s first act…


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