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Picture Show

img_6347Neon Trees – Picture Show

Yes, I know. I’m about half a decade behind on this one. Recently one night out at a club I encountered some music I had never heard before that really struck me. I’ve already posted about Gesafflstein and Snow In Mexico, my two other finds of the night. Neon Trees was my third eye opening experience of my outing. It turns out to my surprise they have already had a Top 10 album and a handful of Gold and Platinum singles. So shame on me for missing out on them and maybe current popular music isn’t as band as I’ve been thinking it is these days.

Neon Trees are basically an indie rock band with great production, tight song writing and great hooks. What more can you ask for? Picture Show as an album is instilled with fantastic ’80s sensibilities, reflecting shades of everything from The Cure to The Romantics. I was also really hooked by the cool, retro, cheap, fun feel of their video for Lessons In Love (not a cover of the old level 42 song – see below). Obviously I’ve got to pay better attention when out at the club as that night has yielded some great finds and new favorites.


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