Ash Code

Icy Cold

img_6380Ash Code – Icy Cold

One of my favorite new finds in a darker vein is this amazing band from Italy, Ash Code. Their sound is much more sophisticated and accomplished than most darkwave outfits, with just the right balance of production and noise. While they bring to mind too many great early goth and synth bands to name they do not outright copy any of them creating a familiar yet original feel. To get an idea think early Sisters Of Mercy by way of Clan Of Xymox with a bass sound similar to New Order, all on top of the obligatory drum machine. Its a formula that works.

Icy Cold (sung by Alessandro) and its b-side, Rain (sung by Claudia) are presented here on sleek white vinyl that really pops out of the black sleeve and jacket. The 7″ comes with a download code and of course some cool free stickers of the band’s logo. While this is a great collectible its definitely not their first release. The band have two¬†albums, Oblivion and Posthuman, released on CD and LP as well as a few 7″s, digital singles and various remixes.

Special thanks to Delphine Coma for remixing these guys and Mr. Kitty for touring with them thus leading me to discover Ash Code.


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