Ghost Of The Southern Son

img_6536Ghoultown – Ghost Of The Southern Son

Its hard to believe but I’ve been a fan of Ghoultown for over 15 years now, almost since their beginning. These are THE gothabilly guys! Their dark and atmospheric country and tejano tinged rock is a one of a kind sound. If you’ve never considered the trumpet a punk/dark instrument then you’re about to be taught a lesson when you cross the border into Ghoultown. 

Standout tracks on their new album, Ghost Of The Southern Son, include the Danzig-esque “Ghost Of The Past”, the raw and fast-paced “Devil’s Comin’ Round”, the road epic “Cuchillo” and the sing-along chorus of “Blood, Bullets And Whiskey”, hell they are all good! And as an added treat Dirty Sanchez, a favorite character from the classic Give ‘Em More Rope album, makes his return here as well. I was excited to see that author, illustrator and comic book legend Daniel Brereton of The Noctournals fame provided the killer cover art again as he has for their last few releases. 

The album leaves me feeling thankful that Count Lyle has taken a break from writing books and hunting monsters to get together with the rest of the crew and give us some new music to listen to while we watch the crows gather.


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