Stina Nordenstam

The World Is Saved

img_6552Stina Nordenstam – The World Is Saved

Recently I unearthed a list from around ten years ago of CDs I was interested in getting. All the recommendations came to me from my astute music buddy Craig L. Now that I have the list again I have been acquiring the releases on it, having already posted about Big Stick – Pro Drag and The Now Time Delegation – Watch For Today, both awesome albums. And today we have from the same list Scandanavian singer Stina Nordensten.

This is a truly haunting record, sparse and delicate with instrumentation kept to bare bones, bringing focus to Stina’s incredible voice. Her singing is drenched in emotion, yet often distant, as the songs’ arrangements take on a dark tone, deftly melding elements of folk, jazz and alternative rock. Strangely, though this sounds like a very precious concept, it comes off much closer to pop than one can imagine. This is not a puffed up arty project, Stina’s voice and deliver keep the songs very real, even visceral.

The World Is Saved was Stina’s final album, so far, released a dozen years ago. She has had a few single song collaborations since then but has released nothing at all in a decade. Having always been private to the point of reclusive, shunning interviews and live performances, altering her appearance in public, she has now all but disappeared from the music scene. Stina, I am so glad you made six albums for me to go back and discover but you are such an amazing talent, where did you go?


Stina Nordenstam has no official web or social media presence to link to

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