Mystery Science Theater 3000

Trading Cards (promo set)

img_6544Mystery Science Theater 3000 – Trading Cards (promo set)

It seems with the return of Mystery Science Theater 3000 in its current iteration that there will be some new merchandising of the classic series. Among the many items that have been discussed are these trading cards. I’ve always loved non-sports trading card sets (see my gushing post on theĀ Planet Of The Apes Topps Trading Card Book). Back in the ’90s during the trading card glut I collected dozens of sets featuring the likes of the animated Betttlejuice, fantasy artist Frank Frazetta, MAD Magazine, Fangoria Magazine, DC’s Sandman, The Three Stooges and many more. I think it all dates back to my love of the original KISS trading card series from Donruss in 1978.

These new MST3K cards are coming soon and I was lucky enough to receive a couple of promo cards (thank you Richard). The cards are very well made, being from RRParks Cards, a company run by a classic cards lover, most well known for reprints of Three Stooges card sets as well as monster, horror and Halloween themed cards. These particular promo cards use art from the Shout Factory releases by Steve Vance which, while cool, has never been my favorite representation of the show. I am hoping that the card set has more stuff like cast pics, movie still, riff captions and the like. I’m sure it will be interesting as all of their other card sets have tons of cool concepts and different presentations. More to come when the actual set is released, until then, keep trading theĀ tapes cards.


RRParks Cards Website
RRParks Cards on Facebook

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Website
Mystery Science Theater 3000 on Facebook


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