Dreamcar – Dreamcar

This is the perfect ’80s new wave album that you never heard back in the day. That’s because it’s brand new. Not since She Wants Revenge’s self-titled 2006 debut or The Faint’s 2001 album Danse Macabre has a band hit that perfect sweet spot that truly recalls the classic albums of the ’80s in every way. I’m not talking about synth-wavy self conscious winks and nods or blantant homages to certain bands or songs. Dreamcar’s tone, writing, performance, instrumentation and lyrical subject matter are steeped with sincerity and heartfelt reverence for the period it recalls. This accomplishment gives such a freshness to the sound that it puts a gigantic smile on my face.

While the lineage of this album is that it comes from music royalty most of it is frankly lost on me. The musicans in this project are none other than No Doubt and the vocalist is Davy Havok from AFI, two bands that I know are huge but I don’t think I’ve ever actually heard. I’m only familiar with Davey from his electronic project, Blaqk Audio, which I really like. And on top of that pedigree the album was produced by Tim Pognotta, producer and cowriter from Neon Trees (I recently posted my love for their album, Picture Show). With all of this going for it I hope Dreamcar is received by a wide audience and we will possibly see a tour and more recordings from them.

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