Timemaster VHS

Usually when people complain that a film was only ever released on VHS, never made the leap to DVD, much less Blu-ray, they are talking about a good film that would be a shame to have it end up lost to time. With me I’m usually obsessing over a pretty bad movie that most people would say deserves to be forgotten forever. I really can’t apologize for what almost 30 years of constant viewing of MST3K has done to me and my viewing habits, its made me who I am and I enjoy it.

But such is the case with this 1995 direct to VHS movie. Its a corny, cruddy, campy, so good its bad, how did this get made head-scratcher. Exploitation film writer/director/producer James Glickenhaus had been successful directing violent action movies like The Exterminator and The Protector as well as producing cult classics Maniac Cop, Frankenhooker and the Basket Case sequels. Somehow this gave him the idea that he could write and direct a great family entertainment, kid adventure, Sunday matinee type picture. Wrong!

The movie “stars” the director’s son (of course) alongside real actors Pat Mortia (Karate Kid), Michelle Williams (Shutter Island, My Week With Marilyn) and Michael Dorn (Star Trek). Plot-wise, as best as I can figure after watching it a few times, a kid is befriended by an alien who takes him to play an intergalactic virtual reality time travel game in an attempt to prevent a future nuclear war on Earth, or something like that, I think I’m making it sound cooler than it is. This movie is filled with computer effects that are terrible but I will say it has a lot of practical effects that are fun and cool (explosions/car and cycle stunts/cool weird sets). It also contains a couple of genuinely good moments and lots of unintentional laughs. Timemaster …. imagine if you could change the fate of the entire universe … only on VHS.

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