Royal Blood

Self Titled and How Did We Get So Dark?

img_6584Royal Blood – Self Titled and How Did We Get So Dark?

The past couple of years I have become concerned that rock was basically dead. Thats the major reason I have been so excited to discover Royal Blood. These guys are breathing new life into straight forward rock. The crazy part is that while they sound like a regular no gimmicks rock band there actually is a slight gimmick to their method. Royal Blood is a duo comprised only of bass and drums (no guitars or extraneous musicians) but their no nonsense, grinding, fuzzy brand of blues drenched rock brings to mind many of the greats from past (Zeppelin, Queen) and recent (White Stripes, Foxy Shazam) times.

I just received their mid-2014 debut self titled album and their new release How Did We Get So Dark? The Royal Blood album is totally a grabber from the first note. The killer bass riffs are so brutal and unexpected, they drive the songs like a steamroller. I also love that the song approach is simple, recorded straight live with only two musicians, no sampling or overdubbing. This gives it such a raw intensity that the music is impossible to ignore when it comes on. How Did We Get So Dark? shows some great evolution for the band. It is a much more melodic and openly accessible in a way that Royal Blood is not. While this makes their sound a little less vicious the songs are so compelling that its a very worthwhile trade. We need bands like this to keep rock music alive. Without killer gateway bands like this to form the tree trunk all the niche genre and sub-genre branches lose some of their meaning. Long live rock, and Royal Blood.


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