Lorelei Dreaming


img_6538Lorelei Dreaming – Banshee

Like your electronic pop with a dark but danceable feel? Love beautifully sung powerful female vocals? Then Lorelei Dreaming, the debut release from Chicago chanteuse Lorelei (Laura Bienz) is going to set your mind on fire! Zoog Von Rock (Karl Learmont), helmer of the legendary electropunk band Angelspit, provides the sounds for Banshee. Lorelei’s lively voice, full of dreamy yet witty personality is the perfect foil to the clean precision of Zoog’s music. This is a fantastic glitch and brash sound free musical turn for Zoog, pairing perfectly to Lorelei’s vocal talent to create something quite new.

The original versions of the 5 songs on Banshee will bring to mind bands like Blondie and Berlin before they will have you thinking of more industrial cyber sounding outfits. These tracks also appear in at least two remixed versions each on the disc. Particular standouts from the re-workings are The Rain Within’s (Andy Deane of Bella Morte) treatment of “Parachute Of Gold” and Go Fight’s (fellow Chicago legend Jim Marcus of Die Warzau) mix of the politically charged “Scream With Me”. Lorelei truly is a Banshee and this is one dream you won’t want to wake up from for quite a while.


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