Kool Keith

Your Mom Is My Wife

img_6753Kool Keith – Your Mom Is My Wife

Where did this come from??? Evidently at some point last year Kool Keith and Kutmasta Kurt pulled these amazing tracks out of the vault and quietly dropped them on Bandcamp. How did I miss it until now? Kool Keith of Ultramagnetic MCs, Dr. Octagon, Dr. Dooom, Black Elvis fame is probably my favorite rapper. He is the father of gonzo-type ridiculous rap and truly one of the most talented, humorous and eccentric artists I follow. Kurt has been Keith’s collaborator on Sex Style, Dr. Octagon, Dr. Dooom, Diesel Truckers, Masters Of Illusion and other releases. They are an excellent team, Kurt’s killer innovative beats and hooks built from odd sounds pair perfectly with Keith’s semi-psychotic flow and surreal hallucination-driven lyrics.

Evidently the tracks on this release were made in the late ’90s around the time of the Dr. Octagon and Sex Styles sessions. They have all the trademark raps and sounds that made those records so great, Keith’s juvenile, obtuse and hilarious non-sequiter lyrics, Kurt building tracks out of snares and echoing whistles, spacey theremin washes and chimes, thick bass samples and, of course, some sweet scratching. In regards to subject matter Keith is flaunting his usual obsessions – the lameness of popular rappers, bizarre sexual predilections, nonsense stories and ghetto junk food. Being that its just an EP he doesn’t seem to have created a specific character for this release and instead is channeling various elements of his numerous personalties.

Your Mom Is My Wife is available as a 6 track download on Bandcamp but also as a limited edition CD that contains a bonus of not only the instrumental versions of all the songs but also two extra hidden tracks. Let’s hope there is more of this type of greatness in the archives. “I’m strictly crackers, Kool Aid plus a slice of cheese, we go back as far as even wearing flare Lees … I don’t like your red and green eyes, put the yellow ones in”.


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Your Mom Is My Wife from Threshold Recordings
Your Mom Is My Wife from Bandcamp

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