The Bad Batch Soundtrack

Various Artists

img_6587The Bad Batch Soundtrack – Various Artists

Strangely this soundtrack mirrors the highs and lows of the film it is from pretty accurately. It looks great, is very cool and interesting but you sense there could and should have been so much more. After seeing the film and enjoying it, partially because of how integral music was to the movie, I ordered the soundtrack. As it is the music here shouldn’t work together in the same film or on the same album, but it does. Despite seeming to be drawn from all over the stylistic map the way the interstitial material, sounds and character dialogue from the film, is set between the tracks it provides nice transition and cohesion.

On the album you hear ’80s stalwarts like Culture Club and Ace Of Base, newer bands like White Lies and Darkside, some tracks from Black Light Smoke and a few other bands. What you won’t hear are a number of compositions by experimental electronic wizard Nicholas Jaar which are sprinkled throughout the film but left off of the soundtrack. I found this to be a poor choice although who knows what the reasoning or issues behind their exclusion were. All in all I really do dig this CD, and I want to “find comfort”, but its not worth an arm and a leg. A little Bad Batch humor there.


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