Harry Potter

The Complete Series (Paperback Box Set)

img_6677Harry Potter – The Complete Series (Paperback Box Set)

Another set of the Harry Potter books has arrived at our house for the newest HP fan in the family. Yes we already have a complete set of hardbacks (mostly first editions/first printings) and the two illustrated editions released so far. Just having moved a year ago we donated our second complete (and third incomplete) set of hardbacks, a complete set of paperbacks and a partial set of UK edition paperbacks. Who knew we would be delving back into the wizarding world again so soon? But this summer my 8 year old daughter has blasted through the first four books in about a month so I felt like she deserved her own set. Which brings us to disclaimer time, these books aren’t really even for me!

But I did want to take this chance to write for a minute about them. You just can’t understate impact they have had on the world, on culture and on reading in general. It has been exciting to try and describe the fever pitch of Potter-mania as the books were released to my daughter. I was surprised by my own nostalgia for the  midnight release parties we attended at different book stores. I’m not sure she believed me that we snuck a baby rabbit named Harry Potter for the lightning bolt shaped tuft of white fur on his forehead into one of those parties hidden in my wife’s coat. Or about the time the band Two Star Symphony played at midnight inside a multi-story Barnes & Noble which was filled to capacity with kids in costumes at another famous HP release party. Such great memories of these books and the effect they have had on my life not to mention the actual joy of reading them. And while I may not be thrilled with all of the post-Potter works in the Hogwarts world such as new movie spin-offs, plays, etc. for me it can never damage the original story, as long as you can still give a kid a new set of the books.


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