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Various Live Albums

img_6735Cheap Trick – Various Live Albums

I’ve been a huge Cheap Trick fan for a long time. In this blog that’s only a couple of months old I’ve written about their new album, a biography on them and a couple of their studio albums. I have always enjoyed their records but when thinking about the band recently I realized how much I love them live. This is really no surprise, they are known as a superb live band and a live album, Live At Budokan, was their break out success. So I decided to check out a bunch more of their live records to see how well they capture the essence of seeing and hearing Cheap Trick live.

Two of the CDs I received are official Cheap Trick releases.  Their second live album after Budokan was 1998’s Music For Hangovers. It is a pared down selection of tracks from the band’s four nights at Chicago’s famed Metro, where they played each of their first four albums in their entirety, one per night. While the CD sounds great it’s hard to get very excited about this album knowing how heavily edited it is. I very much would have preferred a box set with all four complete shows. Silver is their third live album, taken from a 1999 show in the band’s hometown of Rockford, IL where they were performing in celebration of their 25th anniversary. This release comes in several versions. I got the CD/DVD combo.

The remainder of the discs I ordered are all, shall we say, “unofficial”. They cover many different time periods and range in quality greatly. They are all taken from radio broadcasts so while the sound is never terrible it’s never quite as pristine as the official releases but honestly that’s ok with me. In my book Cheap Trick are always better with a little buzz and hum than slick and clean. Here is the rundown of the releases –
Rockford Armory – Rockford Armory, Rockford, IL 1977 (edited show)
Raising Hell – 4 discs, Rockford Armory, Rockford, IL 1977 (full show) / International Amphitheater, Chicago, IL 1979
On Top Of The World – Capital Theater, Passaic, NJ 1978
Auld Lang Syne – Forum, Los Angeles, CA 1979
Turn On The Radio – 2 discs, Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI 1982 / Summerfest, Milwaukee, WI 1987
Live In Wisconson (yes it’s misspelled for some reason) – Summerfest, Milwaukee, WI 1994
In The Joint – Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, NV 1995
So the shows represented here run from the year of their first album all the way through to their twelfth. They are great documents of some incredible concerts and an amazing addition to my Cheap Trick shelf.


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