I am just a guy who loves collecting music, movies, books and other cool stuff. I order and receive things every single day. This blog grew out of sharing those items daily via texts with my friends. Now they are all blogged here for everyone to check out. My hope is to make like-minded people aware of all the cool stuff out there that I am enjoying and, in turn, maybe learn about more things I might be interested in.

*silly disclaimer – Not all items featured were received in the “mail” (as in USPS). Some arrive via UPS, FedEx, DHL, Amazon direct delivery, and pony express. If I ever feature an item purchased at a physical store it will be noted as such. Also not all items are actually received on the day they are blogged but they all arrived close to the posting date. I purchase all these items myself, they are not given to me for promotion nor am I compensated in any way for this blog (other than some strange personal satisfaction I receive!).