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img_7100Mystery Science Theater 3000 – Live Tour Items 

Recently I had the amazing fortune to enjoy Mystery Science Theater 3000 Live as a VIP. Previously I had seen Cinematic Titanic four times, The Mads (Trace Beaulieu and Frank Conniff) six times and Joel Hodgson’s Riffing Myself twice. While not actually in person I have also seen Rifftax live remotely via their Fathom events 24 times so I have a lot of experience with the original cast alums doing live shows. This however was my first time to see MST3K proper live and of course also the first tour for the new cast. I’ve already established my absurd fandom for movie riffing in discussing my 17 years of nightly viewings and my posts on the Cinematic Titanic Complete DVD Set and the upcoming Mystery Science Theater 3000 Trading Card Set. So this was in a silly way a major event in my life.

Before the show proper we were treated to a small VIP gathering that consisted of a Q&A session with Joel. We also got a little inadvertent set tour where we checked out the stage, a bunch of props and some costume racks, etc. Then a quick handshake meet and greet was followed by about 100 photos with the full cast on the set. It was a lot of fun and some nice icing on the cake that was the incredible riffs of two amazingly bad films. They were the MST classic Eegah! with all new riffs (plus a few choice throwbacks) and the mystery film which turned out to be the Italian/English superhero James Bond mash up Argo, The Fantastic Superman. Both were nothing short of hilarious and the live presentation was perfect for MST, part community theater DIY, part creative genius-level professional.

But In The Mail Today isn’t supposed to be about the concerts, movies, and theater events that I attend. Its about the stuff! So the VIP experience came with a cool laminate featuring Jonah and the bots being pelted with spring snakes (it was the Watch Out For Snakes Tour) on a custom lanyard. We also got a nice MST logo tote bag and a sweet live show poster. Of course they offered lots of additional merch as well. I opted for the tour photo book which photographically takes you through the creation of the tour from conception to writing sessions to green screen filming to live show pics. The Script book for Eegah! was a unique item that was made all the more interesting by Joel’s reluctant introduction which is featured in the photos here.  In total these are some fantastic souvenirs from an amazing night.

*full disclosure – these items did not come in the mail. I picked them up in person at the merch booth when I saw MST3K live recently.


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10th Anniversary Tour Shirt by Tee Exclusives

img_6547KISS – 10th Anniversary Tour Shirt by Tee Exclusives

Well I gave in again and picked up yet another KISS shirt so here I am posting about it. Non-media items usually don’t make their way onto In The Mail Today but I couldn’t help myself with this one. Recently I wrote about getting some KISS Shirts from Tee Exclusives, one of those sites that offers shirts on a countdown then once the order taking period is over they print only the stock that was pre-purchased and delete the design. I was pretty happy with them and when I saw this one come up I couldn’t resist grabbing it as well.

Call me a sucker but this design hits the nostalgia sweet spot for me. I love the Eric Carr and Vinnie Vincent era of KISS, especially this tour (10th Anniversary) and album (Creatures Of The Night). The stage design of the tank, the heaviness of the new songs and getting to see Eric and Vinnie live for the first time cured (almost) all the pain of losing original members Peter Criss and Ace Frehley.  So I added one more to the already ridiculous number of KISS shirts in my collection.

That’s not to say I don’t have a good excuse for getting a new one, especially something that shows an often forgotten and rarely represented time in the band’s history like this. In a couple of weeks I will be heading to the mostly KISS related Nashville Rock-N-Pod Expo, plus seeing KISS themselves  on tour in September, sailing on the Kiss Kruise in November and going to a Gene Simmons solo show as well. So I will be getting some good wear out of these shirts as I rock and roll all night (and party every day)!


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Mystery Science Theater 3000

Trading Cards (promo set)

img_6544Mystery Science Theater 3000 – Trading Cards (promo set)

It seems with the return of Mystery Science Theater 3000 in its current iteration that there will be some new merchandising of the classic series. Among the many items that have been discussed are these trading cards. I’ve always loved non-sports trading card sets (see my gushing post on the Planet Of The Apes Topps Trading Card Book). Back in the ’90s during the trading card glut I collected dozens of sets featuring the likes of the animated Betttlejuice, fantasy artist Frank Frazetta, MAD Magazine, Fangoria Magazine, DC’s Sandman, The Three Stooges and many more. I think it all dates back to my love of the original KISS trading card series from Donruss in 1978.

These new MST3K cards are coming soon and I was lucky enough to receive a couple of promo cards (thank you Richard). The cards are very well made, being from RRParks Cards, a company run by a classic cards lover, most well known for reprints of Three Stooges card sets as well as monster, horror and Halloween themed cards. These particular promo cards use art from the Shout Factory releases by Steve Vance which, while cool, has never been my favorite representation of the show. I am hoping that the card set has more stuff like cast pics, movie still, riff captions and the like. I’m sure it will be interesting as all of their other card sets have tons of cool concepts and different presentations. More to come when the actual set is released, until then, keep trading the tapes cards.


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Shirts by Tee Exclusives

KISS Shirts by Tee Exclusives

I don’t usually post stuff like this on In The Mail Today, preferring to keep it to media and collection related items, but I was so giddy to receive these shirts that I decided what the hell!

They were ordered from Tee Exclusives, one of those sites that offers shirts on a countdown then once the order taking period is over they print only the stock that was pre-purchased and delete the design. Believe me I have enough t-shirts and frankly more than enough KISS tees to last me a lifetime but I broke down and went for it because of the graphics on them.

These are some images from KISStory that you don’t see too often but I unabashedly love the music from this time period of the band. There are very few shirts from the Music From The Elder era at all and I totally dig those costumes (except Paul’s) so the Ace shirt was a must as well as the one with the iconic (often hated) Elder table. The latter couldn’t be passed over if for no reason other than the rarity of it featuring late KISS drummer Eric Carr, as so few shirts with “The Fox” exist.

I knew these would be print on demand type shirts and for what they are the quality of the images, brightness of the colors, etc. came out pretty well. I’m glad to have some unique new KISS gear as I’m going to see them on tour in a couple of months as well as attending the Nashville Rock-N-Pod Expo (a convention of music podcasters, many of them KISS themed), and also sailing on the Kiss Kruise and hitting a Gene Simmons solo show later this year. Plus they’ll be good for wearing to all the shows by my favorite local tribute band, KISS Alike. So I know these won’t be gathering dust on a hanger!

The only negative thing I will say about these shirts is that I doubt that they are licensed which is a lame move on the creator’s part. I don’t see the usual copyright info on them and honestly it is doubtful KISS would ever approve such designs, preferring instead to forget some past eras (and members) of the band. 

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