img_72182023 by The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu

Ladies and gentlemen, we have arrival! TheĀ KLF, also known as The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, furthermore known as The JAMs have returned. They may not be in time to save pop music but just might be in time to save the world. The duo that rose to fame by cranking out dance floor hits filled with hidden subversive messages, confounded and excited the public with unexpected art based antics and confused the press with their manifestos, extravagance and nonchalant reclusiveness are back, maybe… After conquering music, popularizing the practice of sampling, trailblazing the concept of modern multi-platform ad campaigns, burning a million pounds then deleting their music catalog and disappearing from the scene the KLF have come back, in book form. If you are asking “What!?” all I can say is, would you have really expected them to do what anyone would expect them to do???

Extending their numerological fondness for 23 the band returned at 23 minutes after midnight on August 23rd, arriving in their famed ice cream van to stamp (not sign) copies of the book, 2023, kicking off three days of happenings. Leave it to the KLF to create an art event to promote the release of their art. Those who attended were subjected to a list of rules that were hilarious and confusing. Those who assisted in putting the events on were given a certificate for graduating from the Dark Ages. Included in the festivities were dead perch in cardboard coffins, a white-washing of a fan’s replica of the classic KLF police cruiser and the unveiling of plans to provide MuMufication for their followers. MuMufication participants are given a hollow brick in which to place a portion of their earthly remains when the time comes. The bricks will one day be used to build The People’s Pyramid, perhaps a giant replica of the famous pyramid blaster. This all ties back into the book with the band appearing as undertakers within the story.

Amidst the hype let’s not forget the book itself. While not the best written piece of literature it is actually exactly what one would expect from the KLF. The book contains not one, but two, books within the book each containing multiple stories with their own story, all revealing discoveries and unearthing secrets in a meta-layer upon meta-layer adventure that is as confusing and incomplete as it is exciting and fun. It has all the prerequisite KLF elements – George Orwell, a submarine, The Beatles, Robert Anton Wilson, Yoko Ono, the Illuminati, mega corporations like GoogleByte and WikiTube, Banksy, the iPhone23, a crow, a dead squirrel and a transgendered killer whale. Add it all up and I’m sure the answer is 23. Now what was the question?


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