The Rain Within

Dark Drive, Thunderheart and Self-Titled

img_6564The Rain Within – Dark Drive, Thunderheart and Self-Titled

The Rain Within is Andy Deane of alt/goth band Bella Morte. This project reveals his retro-electronic side. It is synth-based and full of lovely analog keyboards pumping out sounds reminiscent of ’80s alternative, dance and new wave music. Bright washes and moody vocals with lots of fun vocoder style voice effects dominate these releases. The songs have a great flow and an easy presence, suitable for cranking them up and jamming full throttle or turning down and enjoying as a background mood-setter.

This type of music is not new for Deane. Bits and pieces of these sounds can be heard peeking through on a few of the earlier Bella Morte releases. The Rain Within has become Andy’s outlet to indulge in these influences fully. Technically The Rain Within began with the full length album Pain Management in 2010 but it is in the last three years that things have really been developing with the project. The self-titled EP release from 2014 is the more melancholy of the bunch, being synth-wavy and introspective. The Thunderheart EP, released the following year, picked up the pace a bit with its knockout title track. The 5.25″ floppy disc case packaging is a lot of fun and the perfect touch for these now sold out self-releases. I believe they are still available digitally and combined onto a single regular disc.

Last year’s full length album Dark Drive develops the sound even further, the songs have more individual personality and diversity. The music conveys a deceptive simplicity, leaving the listener to focus on the mood being created. Its hard not to pick the single “Murder” as the stand out track here, with its visions of purple neon, angst driven lyrics and dance floor ready chorus. I’ve got to hand it to Andy Dean for simultaneously reminding me of Martin Gore and Carpenter Brut. If that is a collaboration that would make you excited then The Rain Within is for you!

*full disclosure – this item did not come in the mail. I picked it up in person at the merch booth when I saw The Rain Within live recently.


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