Sh*t The Pants

img_7096Thor And The Ass Boys – Sh*t The Pants

I recently posted about Thor’s new album Beyond The Pain Barrier. In that blog I mentioned his amazingly candid, funny and cool documentary I Am Thor. Well anyone who has seen that will recall the antics of Thor’s punk band side project, Thor And The Ass Boys. Although fronted by Thor one gets a sense that the band is actually helmed by Thundergeek (a/k/a Michael Pilmer) whom some may know as Devo-Obsesso or through his I Threw Up stickers or his Draw A Dick On It efforts or any other of Michael’s myriad of creative outlets. From seeing the film its obvious that when Thor, Pilmer and the rest of the Ass Boys get together, a good time is had and as a byproduct a bit of ridiculous, hilarious and kick ass punk rock is created.

Their newest novelty is a killer 7″ EP containing 4 songs. This limited edition of 500 is available with a photo cover on blue vinyl (400 pieces) or a special art cover by Micki Fever on gray vinyl (100 pieces). Both versions come with a lyric sheet backed with a label catalog in good old fashioned punk rock photocopy quality.  Two of the songs on this release,”Sh*t The Pants” and “F*cking & Fighting”, are taken from the 1999 shared CD by Coalition Against Shane/Thor/Thor And The Ass Boys called Keepin’ The Dogs Away. That disc was a strictly limited pressing of 500 so its pretty hard to come by. The tracks did turn up again recently on the I Am Thor soundtrack CD but they appear here on vinyl for the first time. The other two offerings on this EP, “Exploding Head” and “Spaceships In The Sky” initially appeared on a split Thor/Thor And The Ass Boys 7″ back in 2000. That record was a limited edition of 300 and is long sold out so its great to have those titles available again here, especially as they have been remastered for an even more intense and skull shattering effect!

I’m going to let you go watch I Am Thor to discover the origin of the band’s rather smelly moniker so don’t bother asking me about it. Hopefully these guys can jump on stage to join Thor for a couple of songs if his upcoming tour for Beyond The Pain Barrier stops in The Ass Boys’ area of North Carolina.


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Beyond The Pain Barrier

img_6774Thor – Beyond The Pain Barrier

Thor is truly an amazing performer and has survived a long time in the rock and roll world. Starting as a title winning bodybuilder he became a muscleman who incorporated music in his show. Eventually he was fronting a band performing glam rock in the ’70s (Keep The Dogs Away), hair metal in the ’80s (Only The Strong) and hard alternative rock in the ’90s (Dogz II). In the 2000s and beyond he has returned more to his roots releasing albums encompassing many rock and metal styles.

In the late 1980s Thor acted in the cool, fun and hilariously cheesy rock and horror movies Rock And Roll Nightmare and Zombie Nightmare, both directed by his friend, genre film great, John Fasano. Thor provided the soundtracks for these movies as well. Fast forward to 2015 and Thor starred in another film, his own documentary called I Am Thor, which is certified 100% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. The success of the documentary coupled with Cleopatra/Deadline Records releasing his classic albums in deluxe editions as well as 2015’s guest star studded Metal Avenger album, has put Thor back on top of Mount Olympus.

Now Thor, returns once again to bring us mere mortals a dozen more tales of heroes, battles, quests and gods from Beyond The Pain Barrier. This is a solid record for Thor and it takes a different approach than Metal Avenger. The only guests to be found here are the return of The Imps’ guitarist Frank Soda for a couple of songs. Many of the songs are more shredding and thrashy than Thor usually tends to be with lots of double kick drum. There are also some killer slower ballads like “When A Hero Dies” and “On Golden Sea” which were recorded with a different band lineup than the rest of the album. The record closes with an awesome extended epic “Quest For Valor” that is pure Thor – “Long ago this kingdom was peaceful …now death is everywhere”.

As a parting note, if you ever get the chance to see Thor perform live you must go. The guy has more costume changes than Cher and by costumes I mean different pieces of rubber armor. He uses many fun props and cool masks too. Often his shows include battles with evil characters in equally bad costumes who storm the stage. Thor usually performs feats of strength like blowing up hot water bottles until they explode, bending steel bars and wrapping mic stands around his own neck or having concrete blocks smashed on his chest. It is all great fun and not to be missed.


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