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My Best Friend’s Exorcism

img_6452Grady Hendrix – My Best Friend’s Exorcism

No, this is not a high school yearbook or a VHS tape, its the latest genre-melding, society satirizing, scary/hilarious (scalarious?) book from that format obsessed master, Grady Hendrix. My Best Friend’s Exorcism follows two teenage best girlfriends as they navigate the murky waters of school, social life and demonic possession. We’ve all been there right? Cause what is high school if not hilarious and horrifying? And our man Grady has it down pat in his presentation here in a book that will alternately creep you out and have you laughing out loud.

The book is presented in a hardback format that resembles, you guessed it, a high school yearbook, complete with innocuous advertisements and inane signature messages that add nice little touches to the story. The paperback is designed like a classic cool campy VHS horror movie cover (much like the type of movie one would hope all of Hendrix’s books become some day), down to the last detail. On it you will find movie stills, plot descriptions as if the book were a movie and the obligatory video rental store stickers (Be Kind, Rewind).

It is no surprise that everything about these books from their presentation to the what is contained within is a stroke of genius. Grady is the guy who gave us Horrorstor, the cool, funny, scary story of an Ikea-like store built on the site of an insane-asylum where terrible things happened, all formatted like the well known Ikea catalog itself complete with product descriptions and drawings. Also not to be missed are his civilian rocket launch book Occupy Space and the hilarious yet cerebral epic Satan Loves You. Up next for Grady is a non-fiction book on the history of horror publishing, Paperbacks From Hell.


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