In The Mail Today

Indefinite Hiatus Due To Hurricane Harvey

img_7517In The Mail Today – On Indefinite Hiatus Due To Hurricane Harvey

As you may have noticed after posting daily for a few months since the launch of this blog things have been silent for over two weeks now. This is because I am in the area directly effected by the 51 inches of rain Hurricane Harvey dropped and the release of 16,000 cubic feet of water per second (just take a moment and imagine it) by area dams. The end result of this thrashing by the combined forces of mother nature and the Army Core of Engineers can only be described as devastating.

In truth I have it pretty good compared to family, friends and neighbors around me. I didn’t flood, just had what is in comparison minimal damage from water seepage. I am unhurt and safe, I didn’t lose power, I did not lose my cars or home. But so many did. They lost it all, a few even their lives. Once I knew my family was safe and my slight damage was assessed I shifted my focus to lending a hand wherever it has been needed. There’s nothing like a natural disaster to assist you in taking priority off accumulating more stuff and helping those who lost all of theirs, things much more important than CDs and books, such as a place to sleep. There is lots of cleanup to be done and help needed everywhere I turn. So for the time being I will be doing that and not this.

As of this time I still don’t have regular postal service delivery or consistent UPS, FedEx, DHL or Amazon delivery either. If there is no mail you can’t really have In The Mail Today. I never intended this blog to be about me personally or become an outlet for my private experiences so I will just leave it at that for now. Here is hoping that one day soon things start to feel somewhat “normal”, reliable delivery services resume and attention can be focused once again on things such as music, movie and book collections. When that time arrives, In The Mail Today will return. I look forward to the day when the most important thing going on is whats in my mailbox. Until then, thanks for reading.

img_7292The view from my yard after rain waters receded (above picture also).

Down the street from my house cars had water up over their windshields.

img_7515A few blocks away the freeway overpass retaining wall collapsed creating this scenic waterfall.

The same freeway remained a deep lake until a couple of days ago.