Planet Of The Apes

The Original Topps Trading Card Series

Planet Of The Apes, The Original Topps Trading Card Series

I LOVE this series of books Topps has done of their old card series. They do a fantastic job of recreating the trading card experience. The dust jackets are made of printed wax paper, there is a picture of a piece of gum on the front cover, each page contains the front of a card, actual size, with the back of the card on the reverse. There’s even a sample set of cards sealed in a pack in the back of the book. It’s all too perfect. 

The book features an intro and text by Gary Gerani, a longtime Topps series creator. Aside from the movie stills, card concept art and promo shots we get  the card series from the original Planet Of The Apes movie, the cards from the beloved (by me at least) 1975 TV show. Sadly the bulk of the book is devoted to the larger card series from the abysmal Tim Burton Planet Of The Apes movie, a film and card set that is better forgotten. 

I truly hope Topps will continue with this series. The other similar books I have are both Wacky Packs tomes, Garbage Pail Kids, Star Trek, Mars Attacks and, my favortie, Bazooka Joe. Thus far I’ve stayed away from the many Star Wars related releases but I have seen them and they look very nice. 

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