Johnny Jewel

Windswept, A Beautiful Now, Home, Cruise Control, After Dark and In Mirrors – Escape From Berlin

img_6535Johnny Jewel  – Windswept, A Beautiful Now Soundtrack, Home Soundtrack, Cruise Control sampler, After Dark sampler and In Mirrors – Escape From Berlin

Johnny Jewel is Italians Do It Better and Italians Do It Better is Johnny Jewel and thank God for them both. This man and the record label he founded have such a cohesive image and style, with a through line of perfection that starts with the album graphics and ends with fantastic music that backs it all up. What is just as amazing as the music he makes is the unbelievable amount of releases he is involved in. Also not to be overlooked are the incredible prices he sells it all for – $5 for a 7″, $3 for a CD and $1 for a download of an entire album. WOW! And while I’m not too into vinyl they always have limited edition beautiful color vinyl LPs and 12″s for $10-$15.

Johnny Jewel is directly involved in everything the label releases with his solo work, as a member of Chromatics, Glass Candy, Desire and Symmetry or as a producer and mixer for other bands. The label has had great success through its connection with the film Drive and now its association with David Lynch’s revived Twin Peaks. Every release I own of theirs has a sweet, dreamy, swirling soundtrack vibe filled with analog synths guided by retro sensibilities. I remain captivated by it. Nothing makes my day quite like receiving a package from Italians Do It Better stuffed with CDs, free stickers, more CDs, free posters, even more CDs and, you guessed it, a FREE CD. Johnny, I love you!


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